Image Courtesy of CorPower

Wave Energy in General

What is wave energy conversion?
What is a wave energy array?
What are the benefits of wave energy?
What is the importance of wave energy to Ireland?
Has this ever been done before?


How does the CorPower Ocean technology work?
Has this technology been tested?

Simply Blue Group, ESB and Saoirse

What licences have been applied for?
What survey activity will be carried out for Soairse?
How long will the surveys take?
Will I be able to see the WEC array from the shore?
Can we navigate within the WEC array?
How long will the WEC units be in place?
Will the project be engaging with stakeholders about Saoirse?
Why was this site chosen?
How can I get more information?


Will there be loss of access to fishing grounds?
What is the impact of seismic surveys on finfish and marine invertebrates?
What is the impact of seismic surveys on spawning and nursery grounds?
Are cables a snagging risk for fishing gear?

Community Benefits

What are the Employment Opportunities?
What are the benefits to the local economy?
Will local businesses be given the opportunity to supply the project?

Potential Impacts

Will there be disruption onshore?
Could the WEC array impact on marine life and habitats?
Will ship-wrecks be interfered with?
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